FIN 419

FIN 419 Week 3 – Individual Problems and Learning Team Paper

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FIN 419 Week 3 – Individual Problems and Learning Team Paper


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Chapter 2: Problem 2.2

1 2
Account name Statement Type of account
Account payable BS CL
Accounts receivable BS CA
Accruals BS CL
Accumulated depreciation BS FA
Administrative expense IS E
Buildings BS FA
Cash BS CA
Common Stock (at par) BS SE
Cost of goods sold IS E
Depreciation IS E
Equipment BS FA
General expense IS E
Interest expense IS E
Inventories BS CA
Land BS FA
Long-term debts BS LTD
Machinery BS FA
Marketable securities BS CA
Notes payable BS CL
Operating expense IS E
Paid-in capital in excess of par BS SE
Preferred stock BS SE
Preferred stock dividends IS E
Retained earnings BS SE
Sales revenue IS R
Selling expense IS E
Taxes IS E
Vehicles BS FA

Chapter 4: Problem 4.23

  1. How large a fund will you need when you retire in 20 years to provide the 30-year, $20,000 retirement annuity?


A fund of $173,880 will be required to retire in twenty years to offer the 30-year, $20,000 retirement annuity. Computed as follows:

Gitman (2006), states, present value (annuity):

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